A birds-eye view of the IGO Cosmos project in Western Australia.

All-electric mine study awarded

Experts from ABB, Perenti, and IGO will work together in designing an all-electric methodology for the Cosmos Nickel Project

The collaboration setup by ABB and mining services group Perenti has been awarded its first contract by Australian mine operator IGO. Collectively, they will provide an all-electric mine study for the full underground electrification of IGO’s Cosmos Nickel Project in WA.  

Experts from the three companies will work together to provide a pathway for the optimum design of mine electrification. Including: mine design optimization for electric operations, production and operating philosophy, fleet selection, power distribution and electrical infrastructure design, electrification system and battery management, ESG and safety impact analysis, and cost modelling of both Capex and Opex.

The study is a significant step in IGO’s commitment to continuously improving its sustainability performance. Consequently, by trialing new technologies and decarbonizing its operations, to create a cleaner energy future. The mine operator’s aspiration is to implement a complete mine electrification solution at Cosmos by mid-2025.

Perenti is combining its mining expertise and technical capabilities with ABB’s eMine framework and approach for electrification and automation. The contract with IGO is a milestone as they continue to collaborate and explore approaches to support net zero emissions targets for underground and open-pit mines.

“At IGO, we believe in a cleaner energy future. Electrification of our fleets will create a safer and more productive operation,” said Chris Carr, IGO Head of Technical Services. “We are excited about this future and our collaboration with Perenti and ABB to make this a reality.”

“Valuing the environment and enabling the energy transition is one of Perenti’s three key sustainability imperatives. Furthermore, this study demonstrates the capabilities of our electrification collaboration with ABB,” added Mark Norwell, Managing Director & CEO, Perenti.