Bradda Head Strikes Lithium in Arizona

Bradda Head Lithium Ltd, a North America-focused lithium development company, has announced promising results from its recent drilling program at its San Domingo lithium project in Arizona. The 18,950 ft drilling campaign, targeting the Morning Star and Morning Star South pegmatites, has delivered high-grade lithium intercepts and indications of byproduct potential from tantalum, tin and beryllium.

Encouraging Lithium Grades Discovered

The third and final batch of assays from Bradda Head’s Phase 2 drilling has revealed shallow and high-grade lithium at the Morning Star pegmatite, southwest of the project’s Central Targets. Significant intercepts include 4.3m at 2.13% Li2O and 7.6m at 1.90% Li2O, demonstrating San Domingo’s ability to host rich lithium mineralization amenable to open pit mining.

According to Executive Chair Ian Stalker, the results have exceeded expectations, delivering viable near surface lithium resources and unlocking the potential for further growth through additional drilling later this year. With less than 1% of the 33km2 property explored so far, Bradda Head is confident there is immense upside still to be revealed at San Domingo. 

Unlike many junior lithium developers, Bradda Head holds projects strategically located in mining-friendly North America, positioning it to help supply the continent’s surging lithium demand for EV batteries and energy storage. 

With the total drilled meters at San Domingo still relatively limited but showing promising exploration success already, the company believes it can create substantial value at the site and its other Arizona lithium assets once lithium markets strengthen. The US is aggressively pursuing domestic sources of lithium to break its reliance on imports, lending advantages to companies with quality projects on American soil.

Diverse Byproduct Potential 

Beyond its high-grade lithium results, the Morning Star pegmatite has also shown highly anomalous grades of tantalum, tin and beryllium. The lithium-cesium-tantalum (LCT) style of mineralization mirrors benchmarks like the world-class Kathleen Valley lithium mine in Australia, demonstrating San Domingo’s fertility. 

The presence of these technology metals provides Bradda Head diversity and optionality, with the scope to generate valuable byproduct credits from a future San Domingo mining operation. Between its impressive lithium potential and these bonus commodities, the company seems to have uncovered an exceptionally prospective lithium district at San Domingo.

Further Drilling to Unlock Resource Potential

While its Phase 2 campaign has exceeded expectations, Bradda Head emphasizes that the current drilling at San Domingo still only scratches the surface of the vast property’s potential. Further exploration and drill meterage will be crucial to build out a preliminary lithium resource and determine the most promising targets for resource expansion.

The company expects to conduct follow-up drilling at Morning Star later this year to better model the pegmatite geometry in 3D. These efforts could substantially improve the resource outlook and economics at Morning Star alone. Beyond this near-term target, the majority of the 33km2 property remains essentially untested, leaving immense upside to still be revealed by the drill bit.

Alongside its field operations, Bradda Head has strategically streamlined its corporate overhead and costs. This lean approach ensures the company can progress its assets in an capital efficient manner even during weaker lithium market conditions.

With world-class lithium development projects and economical operations, Bradda Head has positioned itself financially and technically to rapidly advance its portfolio as soon as macro lithium demand accelerates. The company aims to move nimbly to capitalize on strengthening markets when the time comes.

Basin Asset Provides Additional Upside

While current drilling operations are focused on San Domingo, Bradda Head also holds the Basin lithium project in Arizona expected to see resource growth activities resume when market conditions improve. Basin has already seen drilling and historical resource estimates point to significant lithium potential.

The company can alternate focus between San Domingo and Basin as markets evolve to ensure continuous progress while optimizing capital efficiency. With lithium assets strategically located in mining-friendly Arizona, Bradda Head has configured itself for success in the resurgent battery metals bull market ahead.