A group of miners wearing headlamps are standing in an underground passage.

Cloud-based safety to change industry

Cloud-based software supplier, Focus FS, is partnering with Dräger, the international leader in medical and safety technology

This partnership extends Dräger’s reputation as a digital solutions provider. By delivering cloud-based interconnected solutions it further enhances the safety of personnel in the industry and in other safety operations. This follows Focus FS’ strategic partnership with Ontario Mine Rescue to provide software to over 30 mining sites in 2022. 

Focus FS is an intelligent documentation, communication and emergency response platform. This connects emergency coordinators, team captains and ground personnel to modernize daily operations. Consequently, it enhances user safety and mitigates risks in hazardous environments and operations.

Data is collated via automated, real-time reports through digital maps, equipment monitoring, notes and photo sharing. It enables incident commanders to update and alert mine rescue teams to potential hazards as they happen. Focus FS saves valuable time with life-saving decisions by providing the end-user with readily available incident data. It also creates a documented audit trail for post-incident reviews. This allows for increased incident visibility and risk mitigation during and after an operation that has taken place.

With a customizable and flexible platform, users benefit from a simple, consistent administrative program. The basis of which enables automated action plans and a workflow managment that empowers individuals to set and track and targets. It also enables them to maintain and increase emergency readiness of teams, assets and equipment according to their individual and collective needs.

Liz Millward, Marketing Manager, Emergency and Rescue Services at Draeger Safety UK, stated:

“With a marked focus on connectivity, we can protect personnel in hazardous environments by auto-logged, data-based solutions to help keep them safe. Next steps for this technology are to integrate existing and future hardware into the Focus FS program. This will create a fully connected user interface, capable of detecting, managing and documenting incident and personal data as it comes in, leaving incident commanders free to provide tailored support as events unfold.”